Welcome to the website for the Kansas City Area Federation Festival sponsored by the Missouri State Federation.  Previously know as Junior Festival.  Please continue to check back for any changes or details that will be added as we get closer.

2023 Dates

January 3, 2023             Registration opens.
February 21, 2023         Registration closes.

All enrollments will be entered by the teacher on the Vivace website.  Please click here: https://festivals.nfmc-music.org/

If you are new to the Festival, please contact David Tauscher at David@Tauschermusic.com so he can set you up on the Vivace.

IMPORTANT:  All students will perform in person.  If you enter students, you are required to work at the festival.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

April 15, 2023  Mid-America Nazarene University — All rooms will begin at 8am.  STUDENTS IN THE PIANO COMPETITION – GRADES 10-12 will also begin at 8am.

The District Competitions will happen the day of the Festival.  The Piano Competition will begin at 8am and Strings Competition will begin approximately 2pm on April 15th and the Vocal Competition will be on April 16th.

Piano – all levels; Piano Difficult I or Above will begin at 8am.  Students NOT in the competition but in Difficult I or Above can request anytime.
Strings – all levels; Strings Solo Difficult I or Above and Concerto Level Junior III or Above will begin approximately 2pm.  Students NOT in the competition but in Difficult I or above can request anytime.  If you are entering students in the competitions, you must send me an email with the names of the students.

April 16, 2023  Mid-America Nazarene University  1:00pm – 5:30pm
Piano – all levels
Vocal – all levels; the Vocal Competition will begin at 1pm.

For April 15, teachers may choose AM or PM for their students.  Do not request specific times.  Only AM or PM will be honored if possible.  A request is a courtesy and may or may not be honored.  Piano students can choose April 15 or 16 except for the students in the competition which will be on April 15.  All string students will be on April 15.

Fees for Festival this year:  $25.00 per solo entry; $30.00 for ensembles; $20.00 per Theory Entry.  Fees are due with enrollment forms.  Invoices will be generated and you mail your entry fees to David Tauscher, 5504 W 131st Street, Overland Park, KS  66209.  Checks should be made out to First District MFMC.  Registration is complete after enrollment fees have been paid. After the registration system closes on February 21, there will be no late entries accepted.  Once your students are entered in Vivace and have been approved, there will be no changes in the repertoire or requested time.


All teachers entering students will be required to work regardless of the amount of students entered.  Teachers with seven or fewer students enrolled are required to work a half day and teachers with eight or more students are required to work a full day.  A sign up to work form will be emailed to you shortly after student schedules are sent out.

Competitive Portion of the Festival:

If you are entering your students in the competition, you must send me an email telling me who is to participate.

  1. For the State Competition, District One may send 2 pianists, 1 vocalist & 1 instrumentalist.
  2. All students must be in 10th grade or above.  Piano and String students will perform on April 15 and Vocal students will perform on April 16.  Students will be chosen from their Junior Festival Performance.  There are no awards given out on the district level.
  3. Pianist must be chosen from the piano solo event, and their Jr. Festival performance level must be D1 or above.
  4. Vocalist may be chosen from Art Song or Musical Theater, level must be Junior III or above.
  5. Instrumental winners must be at Solo level D1 or above or Concerto level Junior III or above.
  6. At the State Competition, students will perform one selection. This must be a selection that they performed at this year’s Junior Festival.
  7. No student may represent their district 2 years in a row.  They must wait a year before participating again. This is a way to give a wider number of students the opportunity to experience the State Competition.
  8. State Prizes: 1st Place Piano  ($150) 1st Place Instrumental ($150) 1st Place Vocal ($150) 2  $75 awards from any of the 3 categories, and 2 full scholarships to Piano and String Camp at IPFAC summer camp.
  9. Finals will be held on TBD in TBD.

Please be in touch if you have any questions. 

Please continue checking the website for updates.

For more information and questions contact:  David Tauscher at David@TauscherMusic.com

(Revised 1/9/2023)